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#EMERGE2022 – Echo Chambers and Polarization in Online Social Media


17th December, 2022

Belgrade, Serbia

As part of EMERGE 2022: Forum on the Future of AI Driven Humanity & International Conference Digital Society Now, Matteo Cinelli, Assistant Professor at the Center of Data Science and Complexity for Society, Sapienza, University of Rome, presented his keynote lecture on ‘Echo Chambers and Polarization in Online Media’.

The session covers current research evidence about the organisation and nature of online information spaces including selective exposure to online news, algorithms, echo chambers, networks, modelling, and the emergence of echo platforms as well as contemporary solutions to issues of misinformation.

EMERGE is an annual event organised by the Digital Society Lab of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade. Its goal is to connect actors from the tech industry, policy makers, and academic researchers in discussing the social and economic impact of emerging technologies.

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20 January, 2023
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Taking place as part of the EU strategy for media literacy, Marco Delmastro, a social scientist supporting IRIS Academic’s infodemic research pillar, will join European panellists to discuss the phenomena of mis- and disinformation and the threat they pose to European democracy and well-being.