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Addressing conspiracy theories through education – International symposium


27 June 2022, Brussels, Belgium (10:00 – 18:30)

Education can play a central role in building the resilience, knowledge and analytical skills needed to “pre-bunk” and debunk conspiracy theory narratives, including through media and information literacy.

To strengthen educational responses through advocacy, research and training, UNESCO and the European Jewish Congress are organising the International symposium on addressing conspiracy theories through education, convening academia, governments, civil society and the private sector for joint action.

Supporting partners include the European Commission, the Alfred Landecker Foundation, and the University of Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab.

The morning session (public advocacy) will be live streamed on UNESCO social media (10:00am – 12:30pm). You can watch it via YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.



EU strategy: Media Literacy for Democracy

20 January, 2023
Online (Free tickets)
Taking place as part of the EU strategy for media literacy, Marco Delmastro, a social scientist supporting IRIS Academic’s infodemic research pillar, will join European panellists to discuss the phenomena of mis- and disinformation and the threat they pose to European democracy and well-being.