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Fighting misinformation online 2022: Ideas exchange


28 June 2022, Prague / Online (Hybrid)

Hosted by the European University Institute, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Google and YouTube, this event, the second in the ‘Fighting misinformation online’ series that started last year, continues the debate, and solutions focus, around tackling mis and dis-information, by bringing together critical contributors from across academia, NGOs, media organisations, technology companies and governments, to collaborate and share their specific experiences and knowledge.

Dr Jon Roozenbeek, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cambridge Decision-Making Lab and founding researcher of the IRIS Academic Research Group, will be presenting alongside Carlos Hernandez-Echevarria (Head of Public Policy & Institutional Development at and John Cook (Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Climate Change Communication Research Hub, Monash University) as part of the panel discussing this question:

“Is prebunking the vital tool we all need to tackle misinformation?”



Rumours, myths & misinformation

23 September, 2022
National University of Singapore
Prof Heidi Larson will present as the guest speaker to discuss how misinformation, myths and rumours proliferate and linger within society.

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