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Rumours, myths & misinformation


23 September, 2022

National University of Singapore (@NUSingapore)

Organised by the LRF Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk (@ipur_nus) & The Centre for Trusted Internet and Community (CTIC) (@nuscticnus)

Presenting as a guest lecturer, Prof Heidi Larson will join Lisa Robinson, Head of Advisory & Policy, BBC Media Action, to talk about ‘Rumours, myths & misinformation: Why they stick in the world today and how to shift them’.

In this seminar, Prof Larson will discuss why and how misinformation, myths and rumours proliferate and linger within society and how society can become more resilient to its negative influences.



EU strategy: Media Literacy for Democracy

20 January, 2023
Online (Free tickets)
Taking place as part of the EU strategy for media literacy, Marco Delmastro, a social scientist supporting IRIS Academic’s infodemic research pillar, will join European panellists to discuss the phenomena of mis- and disinformation and the threat they pose to European democracy and well-being.