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Internet Festival 2022 #IF2022


6 – 9 October, Pisa, Italy (In person only)

For over 10 years, this event – the largest in Italy dedicated to the exploration of the Internet and digital innovation – has been investigating the forms of the future, through the eyes of technology and network experts, sociologists, philosophers, artists, teachers and administrators (la Repubblica).

8th October @10:00 – 11:00amProf Walter Quattrociocchi, one of IRIS Academic’s founding researchers, will be part of a panel discussion “Infodemic – The virus of disinformation”. The panel aims to conduct a reasoned analysis on the rampant phenomenon of #fakenews on the subject of #COVID that populate the network and social networks.

This year’s theme is #imperfection and will centre on less idealised, more imperfect forms of digital innovation. The idea is to encourage innovation to combine human and artificial intelligence (#AI) in a way that is inspired by principles of #ethics and solidarity to reach a greater collective knowledge.

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EU strategy: Media Literacy for Democracy

20 January, 2023
Online (Free tickets)
Taking place as part of the EU strategy for media literacy, Marco Delmastro, a social scientist supporting IRIS Academic’s infodemic research pillar, will join European panellists to discuss the phenomena of mis- and disinformation and the threat they pose to European democracy and well-being.